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Delina moved from North Carolina to New York to pursue her dream of being a full-time makeup artist. When she reached out to me, she was working in the sales department of a large corporation selling services to finance her dream of living and working in New York as a fashion makeup artist and doing gigs on the side.


I wasn’t Delina’s first phone call to find a business coach, but I was her last. I was the only person who believed it was possible for her to quit her sales job within 6 months and venture out on her own to make a living as a makeup artist that equaled and would eventually surpass what she was making in corporate America.

We began by reviewing everything (website, social media, resume, connections, etc) she already had in her toolbox. I assessed that what was needed was more clean beauty and taught her how to identify beauty and then how to connect authentically with photographers who could deliver the kinds of images that would get her booked on the kinds of paying jobs that would sustain her.

Today, Delina and I still connect about once a quarter to go over goals, address new needs, tackle challenges and plan her strategy for the upcoming quarter.It’s been 3 years since our first coaching session and she hasn’t looked back. She has several celebrity clients, can be seen in front of the camera leading beauty segments for, travels with her celebrity clients, works on shows during NY Fashion Week and travels regularly to Europe to work during fashion week in Paris. Delina has a Youtube channel at




I met Victoria Callaway at the Makeup Show in Dallas Texas. I had just moved to Houston from Los Angeles and was a keynote speaker at the show. Unbeknownst to me Victoria was an admirer of the Career Guide which she had purchased years before and used to launch her makeup business. Victoria had a dream that until we met, she had not shared with anyone. 

She wanted to open the first makeup, hair and styling agency in Houston, Texas.I assured her that I could help her bring her dream to fruition. She hired me as her consultant, and we began working together and meeting every other week for a year. We designed her business from the ground up.

The assignment included creating a policy and procedure manual, contracts, signing new artists, building a brand new website, establishing a blog and a social media presence, hiring outsourced talent, rebuilding artist portfolios and much more.In March 2016 just 3 days before I moved to Seattle Washington, we launched VCI Artists at Hotel Derek in Houston, Texas to much fanfare.



Uzmee responded to an agency request for assistant makeup artist volunteers to help out with a charity fashion show at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood. At that event, one of my senior artists fell in love with her skills, demeanor and professionalism and we invited her to join the agency as an assistant. There was just one problem, she and I found it difficult to communicate because she barely spoke English. 


She was Mongolian and while she spoke 2 other languages, she and I were struggling to work together even while I was booking her $1200 per day jobs. We once fought about the day rate when she was originally booked as the assistant at $250, and was elevated to $1250 at the last minute. Because I didn’t speak Mongolian and she didn’t speak very good English, the additional $1000 was lost in translation and elevated into a shouting match wherein she insisted that she get paid two hundred fifty dollars instead of one thousand two hundred fifty.

This would become a defining moment in my ability to gain her trust. I insisted that we call her Uzmee and not Bianca. There were a million Bianca’s in America but only one Uzmee and that was the artist I wanted to represent. She shuddered at the thought of people mis-pronouncing her name, but as her agent, I assured her that I would train the clients, decision-makers and photographers at the agency level before she even showed up on the job. Six months later everyone she came in contact with could pronounce her name.

She called me from a shoot one day in tears, yet ecstatic that everyone could pronounce her name properly. Today Uzmee is the key artist for Too-Faced Cosmetics, the personal for The Real’s Jeannie Mai and the proud owner of UzBrows Microblading Studio in Beverly Hills, California. If you type Uzmee into Google, there is only one!



Lisa Caldeeron had a very successful career as a fashion stylist in Los Angeles for over 10 years. She worked almost exclusively with recording artists and celebrities, but when she got married and decided to start a family, all of her work dried up. Not only did she take a 10 year break to raise her children, she and her husband move to Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2015 Lisa reached out to me because she wanted to get back into the business and everyone was telling her that she would never be able to do it because her work was dated and many of her contacts were now unreachable.

My advice to Lisa was that she could shrink and apologize for her old Bobbi Brown CD covers which would certainly turn everyone off, or she could reframe the conversation as bless your lucky stars you’re getting all of this amazing experience. I instructed Lisa on how to turn the decision-makers questions into an opportunity not to answer them directly, but to seize that opportunity to talk about her passion for styling and how she would manage their project and times when she was a problem solver on the set.

Lisa and I meet twice a year now for planning and strategy sessions.In 2018 she completed work on the Gotti film with John Travolta, UFO, Uncle Drew and the TV show Greanleaf.


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